Reducing costs…

Elnashra is one of the main independent Lebanese online newspapers. The newspaper was looking to reduce its technical costs.



…by saving on technical resources

Thanks to AFP Content API, Elnashra's CMS is directly populated with text and photo stories. Technically speaking, it's simpler, faster and it offers short as well as long term benefits.




“AFP Content API requires fewer resources to integrate, use and maintain and that makes the difference.”

Charbel Ghadban, IT Manager  



AFP Content API: the answer to technical issues


  • Development: It's easier and faster for Elnashra's IT teams to build a script that communicates with AFP Content API, rather than writing a script that monitors a specified directory and extracts/parses the NEW files (xml) that are pushed to this directory through FTP.

  • Configuration: No need to install and configure a VSFTPD server.

  • Security: No need to allow the FTP connections to Elnashra's server, then dive into system administration tasks to limit access/privileges to FTP accounts.

  • Reliability: With an FTP, the client may lose data if the server fails to connect to the client's server in downtime (network outage, maintenance period...). With AFP Content API, Elnashra can resume the data collection from the date of the interruption.

  • Integration: In the case Elnashra wants to migrate to a new server, there is no intervention required with AFP Content API. No need to go back through all the installations/configurations to move to the new IP address.

A seamless integration

It only took a few minutes for Elnashra’s team to collect the data from AFP’s server.
About Elnashra

Elnashra is one of the main independent  Lebanese online newspapers and the leading source of Lebanon news, sports, entertainment and community information. The newsroom is based in Beyrouth


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