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Audioburst's editors have a lot of diverse tasks to carry out. They shouldn’t waste their time while looking for THE right picture to illustrate a given audio file, in order to transform a simple podcast into a single-image video clip.

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AFP's database directly from your tool via AFP Content API

Audioburst’s developers just plugged AFP Content API into the editors' tool and connected it to their own information system.




"For me, as an editor, it's optimal. It is actually the quickest way, I can save a lot of time by having everything reachable on my own interface, instead of having to search and download on another platform, then reupload, resize, and so on,… It's a lot of saved time"

Ally Adendorff, Editor 



AFP Content API, the perfect time-saving tool for editors


Having the possibility to access AFP's database and to do everything from the interface Audioburst's editors are already familiar with is a big benefit for them.

On top of that, the AFP Content API's search engine and the metadata available make it possible to find the most relevant image very quickly.

Time saved
on content searching and publishing
  Résultat de recherche d'images pour "icon photo white png"
 + 3,000
photos reachable everyday
via AFP Content API
 Image associée
+ 500,000
Named entities facets to query (people, corporations, locations, brands, ...)
About Audioburst

Audioburst is a dynamic Israeli company specialized in audio content.

Audioburst provides a large audio library for the web, mobile, internet of things, and in-car entertainment.

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